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Gas injector bench

Keep your engine running reliably

Proper maintenance of your gasoline injectors can increase the lifespan of your engine and help you cut costs on gasoline by maximizing your fuel efficiency. Let our techs clean and reassemble your injectors at a price that is a fraction of new multi ports.

 •  Electrical, flow, and pattern and leak tests

 •  Ultrasonic cleaning

 •  Back flushing

 •  New service kit parts

 •  Repolishing

 •  Multi ports

 •  Throttle body

Boost your vehicle's fuel efficiency

Keep your gasoline injectors flowing properly when you take advantage of a professional crew that utilizes a state-of-the-art ASNU injector servicing machine.


Be sure to ask us about our other diesel services as well, from starter and alternator maintenance to light diesel truck repair.

State-of-the-art servicing machine

Drive-in services available


Proudly serving the Eau Claire area since 1978.

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